- understanding digital reality through contemporary artistic practices of sonification and visualization


MAKING SENSE OF DATA is a research project funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF-4001-00120), joint with the Department of Communication & Culture Aarhus University.


The project investigates how we interact with each other and perceive our world through images, texts and sounds that are increasingly being created and mediated by digital technologies and data formats.


A key focus is the complex data processes and infrastructures that constitute our composite analogue/digital life-world. The project's approach is highly interdisciplinary and involves critical reflections on contemporary artistic and experimental design practices, as well as current computational research fields.


The project is lead by Thomas Bjørnsten, PhD.




  • Novel approaches to data visualization and sonification methods, extending into the field of VR and AR technologies.


  • Novel approaches to emotional and affective data analysis.

(see separate information platform:


  • The potential of aesthetics and cultural studies research in relation to data driven and computer simulated phenomena.


  • The effects of perceptual coding embedded in audiovisual digital formats.


  • The cultural impact of scientific research dissemination as well as popular narratives about digital and data driven technologies and concepts.



The project has been awarded a Sapere Aude: DFF Research Talent grant.


This has allowed for connecting the research activities with the following acclaimed international institutions and universities: